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Hello everyone! I really enjoyed our visit in Finland and i' m so happy that i've met you all! Thank you all in Finland for your hard work and hospitality! And Annamari, now i know how to do my work(finally!):)

Lots of kisses


Hello friends,

It was a perfect time in Finland. My colleguas and I enjoyed the trip.




Hello Partners!

Let´s see our European patrimony together!

Let´s see our European patrimony together is a multilateral Comenius partnership project between schools from Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Italy and Malta. It lasts for two school years from the autumn of 2012 to July 2014.
In this project the students of each participating school are involved in collaborative learning partnership using an open learning environment (blogs). The students learn to use different ICT tools (camcorder, digital camera, forums, blogs, podcasting, PowerPoint etc.) while they are dealing with the different topics included in the project.
The topics are closely connected to the curricula of the partner schools and deal with world heritage of the participating countries.
Teachers coordinate the students’ work and learn from each other. The main idea is that of peer learning, in which the experience and expertise of all teachers and students are shared during the project.